The Animal Cardiac Surgery Center is a hospital that is set up as an annex to the South Tokyo Animal Medical Center and provides cardiac surgery and cardiology care.

For animals with heart disease and their families, veterinarians specializing in the treatment of the cardiovascular system are providing the treatment. We are striving to provide high-quality treatment of heart disease each day. For families who are worried about heart disease in pet dogs or cats, please feel free to consult us.

Cardiac surgery

We have organized a system for the introduction of special medical devices and the composition of the staff team so that we are performing cardiac surgeries using an artificial heart-lung apparatus.
In particular, we have extensive experience in performing surgeries for mitral regurgitation so that a radical cure can be expected, which would be impossible with only cardiology care.

Treatment by specialized veterinarians

We are certified veterinary cardiologists and provide the treatment.
By grasping the clinical conditions of the heart accurately through various tests, we offer treatment plans based on each condition and the wishes of pet owners.