Basic information

Animal Cardiac Surgery Center is open by appointment only.
Please make an appointment via phone in advance.

Animal Cardiac Surgery Center Phone+81-3-6432-3450

We offer veterinary care to the following

Dogs and cats

Treatment details

We provide treatment specializing in the cardiovascular system (cardiac surgery/cardiology care) by cardiovascular specialists.

*South Tokyo Animal Medical Centerprovides general medical care and is set up as an annex to it.

Second opinion

We provide second opinion services from specialists.
Regarding the disease your pet is suffering from, we will give an objective explanation of the condition, common treatment options, and our treatment policy. If you bring the treatment processes or test results provided by other institutions, diagnosis and treatment can be carried out without any trouble.


We issue detailed breakdowns.
If you have any questions about the cost of treatment in advance, please contact us.
You can pay the fees with a variety of credit cards, electronic money, or medical credit.

Health insurance for animals

We are a hospital that accepts Anicom・Aipet Club Animal Insurance・Pet & Family Animal Insurance, and Docomo Pet Insurance.

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